Is Yogurtland risk-free To eat right Now?

Γεια σας!! I went to Yogurtland this weekend as well as it’s totally different from exactly how it was before the pandemic. I’m sharing the experience as well as my thoughts on exactly how risk-free as well as clean this self-serve fro-yo circumstance felt.

I believe this is my very first time getting YL in months! I utilized to be a routine customer. In truth I believe I’m personally accountable for making my regional fro-yo shop the #1 top selling place in America!!

ΤΕΛΟΣ παντων.

Let’s talk about the new Yogurtland experience, or at least my regional YL. It may be different where you online so for reference, here’s some appropriate info:

This specific Yogurtland is in Irvine, CA (I’m not sure if other places will have the exact same rules)

There’s a state-wide order in CA that masks are needed to be used ‘Inside or in line to go into any type of indoor public space’

Everyone around right here seems to be complying with the order (I haven’t seen anyone decline to wear a mask)

But beyond the rule to wear a mask it seemed like Yogurtland was extremely complete in the effort to keep people social distance apart as well as prevent the spread of germs.

Ben as well as I went to YL on his special birthday request. We went right after a walk as well as had Diego my huge ol’ golden retriever with us. So we took turns going into the shop. I waited outside with Diego first. Diego’s a extremely attentive lil waiter.

There were stickers on the floor reminding us to stay 6 feet apart. I didn’t end up staying 6 feet apart from everybody the whole time since the youngsters in front of me came back to get one more glove as well as then get one more type of fro-yo they’d passed. I don’t believe it’s a huge offer since we were all using masks, just noting it.

Then, it was my turn! I snapped a few photos before I got to the hand sanitizing station. however after that I didn’t want to touch my phone once again up until I left the store to be respectful of their efforts.

New Yogurtland rules in Orange County

There was hand sanitizer as well as food service gloves before you get your cup. Then, the step of getting a cup as well as filling it with fro-yo is basically the exact same as usual – self serve.

But the toppings bar is different. now there is a remove wall blocking the toppings – type of like at train sandwiches. The worker asked if I desired toppings as well as I handed her my cup. Then, I just explained the toppings I want as well as she did it.

The toppings bar is most likely my preferred part of self-serve fro-yo, so this was the only drawback of the situation. I didn’t want to be additional as well as ask her for the super specific amount of each topping as well as where precisely it should be put on the fro-yo. Besides sometimes I choose as the toppings spoon is making it’s method to my cup as well as I couldn’t properly interact that at the time. [Yes, I understand I requirement to address this in therapy – however it’s method down on the list.]

Self serve Frozen Yogurt general Thoughts

Overall: I feel such as this Yogurtland place was extremely complete in it’s efforts to keep it’s workers as well as clients safe.

It seems like a huge production when I’m composing it out, however in genuine life it was just the added step of hand sanitizer as well as gloves.

And the toppings bar no longer being self-serve is a bummer, however I wouldn’t feel comfortable digging into any type of buffet style food circumstance right now. It’s much better to err on the side of caution with things such as this as well as look ahead to the days when we can stack 7 dollars worth of candy on our fro-yo like the great ol’ days!! (The bulk bins at the grocery store aren’t self-serve right now as well as have been portioned out.)

I’d definitely suggest YL, at least this place when I visited – to household or good friends who were looking for a treat.

Question: When was the last time you went to an ice cream or fro-yo shop?

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